Vote Run Lead Campaign

This is my support as a part of VoteRunLead’s #Dare2Lead Campaign. Visit them at to find out more information on how to support the cause, and for advice and training opportunities to be a leader in your community!

“There are too many elected offices that don’t have enough female representation.” 

Women make up 51% of the population but are dramatically underrepresented in political leadership:

19% of Congress
24% of State Legislators
12% of Governors
18% of Mayors

“But YOU can change that!” #DeclareYourAmbition

“Go and run for a position of leadership and take on your role as a leader in your community! “

Visit: for more information about how to start a chapter at your school.

*I decided to take on this campaign from the influence of the organization. I am under no kind of legal contract or endorsement services contract with any of the organizations represented. I’m just showing my support for a cause I believe in!

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