My Summer Giving Back to the Community That Made Me

I am firm believer in community engagement. This past summer, I had the opportunity to participate in the Hubert Scholars Program. Students who are chosen have self-designed an internship in public service for a need-based community. Scotties have traveled all around the world to teach children English, do missionary work, etc. However, I knew I did not have to travel across the globe to find an underserved community. Therefore, I chose the city I grew up in, Lithonia, Georgia, and I taught middle and high school aged kids at my former Boys & Girls Club how to code with Python.

Credit: “Python for East DeKalb” by MeaResea Homer is under CC BY-NC 4.0

I developed a lesson plan, got a background check, and was ready to start. I had six kids in total by the end of the first few weeks. I taught them basic programming skills for seven weeks and we ended it off by creating a basic video game for friends and families to see.

I was a “club kid” at East DeKalb Boys & Girls Club from the time I was six years old and on to my senior year of high school. If there was anything that “the club” taught me, it was to be a lifetime servant not only to your club but to your community. Going back there and seeing some familiar faces really made me carry that promise. There were some things I saw there that were challenges and/or issues when I was a club member. I think it really helped me understand how impactful it was to be back and use my skills and knowledge to help the kids who I knew would benefit and definitely needed it most.

Credit: “Python is Fun” by MeaResea Homer is under CC BY-NC 4.0

I also think this experience helped further ground me and better guide me in my decision-making for my post-Agnes plans. I would love to be able to not only continue to support Boys & Girls Clubs but also commit my time to be involved in whatever community I become a part of.