The points in bullets are the student learning outcomes for Economics majors at Agnes Scott College according to the academic catalog.

Experimental Design

  • apply economic theory to a range of economic problems and effectively communicate their analysis;

In my Behavioral Economics course, I conducted an experiment that used Baye’s Rule to predict the behavior of my participants.

Behaviorial Experiment on Bayes' Rule

Policy Analysis

  • identify policy options and assess the likelihood they would improve economic growth and efficiency;

In my Intermediate Microeconomics course, I wrote a policy brief where I took a stance on the Time Warner and AT&T merger.

Policy Brief #2



I have been learning how to code in the Python programming language for about one year now. I took an introductory course and an intermediate course at my institution. I also taught kids how to code in Python in the summer of 2018.


I have been learning Spanish since my seventh-grade year of middle school. I took two years of it in middle school, and then another two years in high school. It is my minor in undergrad. I even took my skills overseas when I went to study abroad in Spain in the summer of 2017.


I know the importance of keeping good relations with people. Through my time here at Agnes Scott, I have built relationships with students, professors, and prominent figures in my community. I have also kept the relationships with people who were a part of my life before coming to college. Those relationships have helped foster great outcomes for both parties. Building and keeping relationships has afforded me every internship opportunity that I have received thus far.


Through many of my Economics courses, I have gained a true understanding of being able to analyze information and understand it in a way that most people may not see it at first. I have also gained an extreme interest in “big data” and the data analytics field. It is driving my desire to obtain a Google Analytics certification and to learn SQL.


For fifteen years of my life, I was a member of East DeKalb Boys and Girls Club in Lithonia, Georgia. I was able to go to one place every day after school and build a strong foundation and loyalty to Boys & Girls Clubs, especially those in Metro Atlanta. To this day, I try to give back to Boys & Girls Clubs in any way I can. I use AmazonSmile when I shop which donates to your charity of choice from eligible items, and I spent the summer teaching kids at my former Boys & Girls Club to code in the Python programming language. The place that I grew up in is also a place that has my loyalty. I see so much potential in DeKalb County, Georgia that I am actively participating in spreading the word about a proposed city in the southern part of the county called Greenhaven. If the city is implemented, it will be the second largest city in the state next to Atlanta, and it will have a mostly minority population.