Hubert Scholar Internship in Service

In the Spring semester of 2018, I was one of the eight recipients of the Hubert Scholarship in service. Established by the Hubert Charitable Trust, the Hubert Scholars program is designed to encourage careers in public service and provides funding for summer internships of 200-plus hours serving the needs of others – for food, medical attention, education or spiritual support. Many students choose to go overseas to conduct their work. But I knew that I didn’t need to travel far to find a need-based community. For my service project, I taught middle and high school aged kids how to code in the Python programming language at my former Boys & Girls Club for two months in the summer of 2018.

For the academic component of my internship experience, I spent the semester redesigning the lesson plan that I originally created this summer. I prepared an outline for each week, and for one day out of each week, I outlined an entire day. It serves as a skeleton for future prospective teachers of coding to kids.

Lesson Plan