Her Campus

In August 2016, I became the Co-Founder and Co-Editor-in-Chief of the Her Campus chapter at Agnes Scott College. Her Campus is an online magazine for college students across the country, and some other parts of the world, that provides content created and written by college students, about college life. This includes career, trending news, fashion, beauty, love, lifestyle, LGBTQ+, etc. Each week, new content is posted to each school’s website relating to events happening on their campus or things they believe their readers would relate to or know more about. The official website for Her Campus at Agnes Scott is: hercampus.com/school/agnes-scott.

All the articles that I have written for the site can be found on my author’s page.

Some of the many achievements┬áthat I’ve completed while being a Campus Correspondent include earning the title as Rookie of the Year (May 2017), which is given to new chapters who have exceeded HC National requirements within their first year, and in that same year earning Pink Status which is awarded to chapters across the country who are in the top 10% of all chapters across the country. Furthermore, I doubled the size of the team in two years (from 13 to 26).

One of my major contributions to the organization was creating a content schedule for our writers. The content schedule was created in order to ensure the team was meeting requirements regularly and when writers were expected to have their content ready. Below is a progression of each content schedule for the fall semesters.

Fall 2016

HC Content Schedule Fall 2016 - Sheet1

Fall 2017

HC Agnes Scott Team Resources - F 2017-S 2018 - F 2017 Content Schedule

Fall 2018

HC Agnes Scott Team Resource Guide F 2018 - S 2019 - F 2018 Content Schedule